Application development companies have, quite recently, turned their focus to the lucrative apparel and clothing industry. With fashion brands vying for attention from different quarters, the use of technology in various processes has become a necessity. And here lies the reason for a spurt in the number of clothing software available for the fashion industry.

A huge number of software developers have come up with innovative fashion-specific solutions that can deliver a full range of functionality demanded by todays fast-paced apparel and home textiles retailers and manufacturers.

Most clothing software applications comes with features and tools such as digital asset management, tech pack management, quotation and bid management, sample and production planning and tracking, pre-concept line management, materials management, among others.

The primary aim of using software for the clothing industry is to enable global connectivity for seamless collaboration across the entire supply chain. It also helps in making all product-related data available at a centralized location which is easily accessible using a simple web browser.

Benefits of using Clothing Software:

  • It accelerates design and product development with the help of a number of design tools that enable easy creation and versioning of designs.
  • Leads to a reduction in pre-production costs by allowing for sample and production planning and tracking in the initial stages.
  • Enhances creativity of designers by making a range of online tools available to them.
  • Makes way for transparency and increased collaboration across the entire supply chain and related processes.
  • Helps in reducing and even eliminating versioning errors and delays by fostering the use and storage of multiple versions.
  • It is a simple to understand application that can be easily used by people with basic knowledge of technology. Moreover, apparel companies can easily train their staff on the use of clothing software.
  • This kind of application serves as a centralized base for all product images and information.

When you look for a reliable clothing software application, make a point to opt for a company that offers these applications at cost-effective rates and on demand. WFX is a well-known manufacturer of software applications for the apparel and fashion industry. The company has developed clothing software that fosters better management of all product related data.