Introduction of the INTERDYE 2010

The 10th China International Dye Industry, Pigment and Textile Chemicals Exhibition ("China Interdye 2010") was held at INTEX- Shanghai and Shanghai Mart during April 14th-16th, 2010. The event was organized by the China Dyestuff Industry Association, China Dyeing and Printing Association, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Shanghai Sub-Council, China Chamber of International Commerce, Shanghai Chamber of Commerce and co-organized by Shanghai International Exhibition Service Limited Company. China Interdye occupied 22,000 Sq.m. and attracted over 420 domestic and overseas exhibitors from 14 countries and regions. China Interdye 2010 still continues to be the largest dyestuffs exhibition over the world.

Potential of China dyestuffs and pigments industry

Through several years of stable development, China has become the world's biggest producer, trader and consumer of dyestuffs. In 2009, China produced 719,000 tons of dyestuffs and 182,000 tons of organic pigments.

The import and export volume of dyestuffs and organic pigments was 284,000 tons and 139,000 tons, trade volume of which reached USD 1.29 billion and USD 0.89 billion respectively. From January to November, the number of large-scaled printing and dyeing enterprises were 2,328, increasing by 247. The printing and dyeing textile's output was 48.272 billion meters, up 7.84% year on year and the growth accelerated by 3.71%. The total profit was 7.672 billion RMB, up 22.84% year on year and the growth accelerated by 25.84%. The sales margin was 3.64%, up 0.52% year on year.

Highlights of Interdye 2010

China Interdye celebrated its 10th anniversary this year. China Interdye 2010 accelerated the recovery of the dyestuffs industry from the most depressed season during the first quarter of 2009, to provide an industrial gala for both exhibitors and visitors, and to promote international trade and cooperation.


A special area with the theme of "energy saving and environmentally friendly" for the first time in China Interdye 2010, which was also a response to China's policy of reducing emissions and saving energy. The theme was highly accepted by the industry and meets the needs of their adjusting product structures and increasing companies' core competition.