The History of Jeans When talking about jeans the name Levi's is one of the first to be mentioned. Levi's which stands for Levi Strauss is normally called the forefather of jeans. When tracing back the history of these trousers to its origins it is true that Levi Strauss played an important role concerning their development and distribution but he had also other inventive business partners.

Now the question is: who has sewn the first jeans and where does the history of this "blue phenomenen" begin?

'In-1847, at the age of 17 Levi Strauss left his Frankonian native country in Germany and emigrated to New York together with his family. The members of the Strauss family were capable and skilful businessmen and ran a pedlary at that time. So Levi and his brother followed their parents' footsteps and also became pedlars. When the great gold rush began in 1850, however, he decided to take part and went over to San Francisco in California.

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Originally published in New Cloth Market: April 2010