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The weaving performance of warp yarn in a loom depends on the state of surface fibres. Fibres that are not firmly attached to the yarn can be abraded off the yarn easily. So, untreated single yarns are not suitable for direct use in weaving. To produce satisfactory warp yarn, it is necessary to improve the binding between the surface fibres and the body of the yarn. Hence, sizing is used in short staples and two folding in long staple fibres, but the yarn cost increases.

So, it has been the dream of the spinners to produce such wearable yarn sat spinning itself. SIRO spinning was one such method tried earlier to produce such type of yarn in spinning. But, it has speed limitations especially for short staple spinning and again the production cost increases. With the invention of EliTwist, the limitations in the SIRO spinning are eliminated


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The Author is General Manager, Ramco Group Textile Division, India