Window display is one of the most exiting aspects of visual merchandising. Windows may communicate style, content, and price. They can be seductive, exciting or based on emotional stimulus through stimulation, or evocation of all five senses. The best store windows can generate great excitement and are a talking point. They contribute to the shopping experience by entertaining pedestrians, while simultaneously communicating the products and services on offer (Gupta, Swati; 2010).

Window displays are always centred on themes that convey current mood of the season. The themes are generally based on the seasons, colours, holidays or just informing about new product features. Window display have conventionally being very pleasant, traditional (not offending to public sensibilities) and exact in their message delivery.

Humans are mostly conventional in their approach but they also have an eye for out of ordinary. Anything that doesnt fit in is spotted instantaneously. This trait of human nature is being successfully in-cashed by the retailers. For some time now, a new trend has started, where the deviant window displays are created to look creepy so as to grab instant attention. They convey message that are open to interpretations.

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Author is visiting Faculty in Department of Fabric and Apparel Science, Institute of Home Economics, D.U, Amity University.