The Indian fashion industry is undergoing resurgence, throwing immense possibilities and challenges. The industry is facing an unprecedented need for professionally qualified and trained manpower. In the new millennium, the success of fashion professionals rests on their ability to integrate fashion and information technology in a meaningful way.

With the onset of computers, instructional technology in the form of development of Computer aided material production (CAMP) and learning assessment of instructional packages is the need of the hour and the emphasis lies in the development and use of suitable programme based on computerized technology.

To meet the dynamics of fashion education, a comprehensive foundation package in the form of instructional multimedia module on fashion designing has been designed to orient and sensitize students / learner group towards understanding of fundamentals of fashion designing. The fashion module encompasses a strong integrated skill and knowledge base essential to fashion industry by providing an IT based learning environment and opportunities for the learner group to be a part of global network of the fashion design with multifaceted, multi dimensional capabilities and design excellence.

The crunch of the manpower resource in fashion industry prompted the need for developing instructional multimedia module on fashion designing. The instructional interactive multimedia module was developed using three softwares-Coral Draw, TukaCad and Adobe Photoshop in three different modules.

The genesis of interactive multimedia module was in the idea of catering the growing needs of Indias evolving fashion industry. The primary purpose of developing the Instructional module was to broaden the base of understanding of ideas and concepts related to fashion and dress designing, along with culmination of creative skills among its users.

Layout of different modules:

The mean weighted score of efficacy of the developed module as evaluated by judges ranged between 4.6 to 5.00 out of maximum rating of five which implies that developed instructional multimedia module was evaluated as excellent.

The developed module after being evaluated by the judges was field tested by offering to the graduate students for a period of one month, for judging its effectiveness in terms of gain in knowledge and acquisition of skills using pre and post research experimental design aspect. All the sample subjects of control (40) and experimental group (40) were given one month training on fashion designing. The traditional method of teaching was followed for control group whereas developed instructional module was implemented on experimental group. The knowledge test was taken before and after the training of both the groups.

The result of the analysis showed higher mean gain in knowledge in the experimental group (70.87) as compared to control group (59.23). Similarly, mean percent score of control (118.86) and experimental group (164.00) for acquisition of skills in creative designing also clearly depicts significant difference , as Mean score was found to be greater in experimental group ,(t-value = 22.99) .which shows usefulness of the module to the user.

It was interesting to note here that in experimental group, percent gain was more than 70% for gain in knowledge and above 38% for acquisition of skills in comparison to control group, which emphasize the effectiveness of the developed instructional module in the light of the defined objectives. Thus it can be concluded that the developed instructional multimedia module on fashion designing was found highly effective self learning material and teaching aid for the vocational students of fashion designing and other interested users for developing competitive skill and talent.

Keywords: Fashion designing, Garment Industry, Designer, Software, Instructional CD

Author is Assoc professor and Head, Department of Textiles and Apparel Designing, College of Home Science, MPUAT, Udaipur (Raj.)