Early inhabitants of Earth already have the idea of getting their bodies warm by clothing themselves with leather or any natural soft and comfortable early versions of fabric they have. In the long run people learned to weave and they made use of animal fur and fibers to create long yarns that they eventually made into fabric. But the use of animal furs seems insufficient with the growing demand for clothing thus they discovered the plant based fibers for their apparels. This is how cotton, kapok, and other natural fibrous plant get their way to the textile manufacturing. Today, work wear uniforms and other apparels use by people are either purely made from natural materials, completely synthetically fabricated, or a mixture of the materials.

Yet, it seems that the natural materials are becoming in short supply thus prices start escalating. Aside from this, natural materials properties are seemingly partial and do not satisfy some requirements of apparels and work wear and industrial uniforms makers. These considerations have become the inspirations to create advanced types of fabrics like the polar fleece fabrics, the polyester fabric, and other man made fabrics.

The machinery that affects textiles these days are simply just the same technology that we can find in our most treasured gadgets at home. When synthetic fabrics has paved its way to the market, the industry has been boosted to some degree as it promoted sustainability in materials and as well as variations in the quality of the finished product. But just as our gadgets, the technology that applies to textiles has flourished and today there had been so many types of fabric we have that range from natural categories to synthetically fabricated materials and a combination of the two.

Lately, another fabric has been born. The Auxetic fabric is the new type of textile with specific properties that cannot be found on some other textiles. Auxetic fabric is synthetically prepared fabric made of aramid fibre. This fibre is often used on armor vests as it has a flame retardant, lesion protecting properties. Auxetic fabric is known for its capacity to expand when stretched. This is made possible because of the distinct molecular structure of the fibres and polymers.

Auxetic textiles are seen by experts as one of the extraordinary breakthroughs in textile engineering. This material is proposed to have been many uses in the medical field, military, engineering, and in various other civilian institutions for the creation of heavy duty work wear uniforms, armor vests, and strong body coverings.

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