As with many industries such as fashion and even cars, eventually people turn away from the modern and return to the classic. The Volkswagen Beetle made a successful comeback, as did a classic Chevy model. Your grandmother probably had a wall oven and now they are also back in style. One form of home decoration that has made a significant return to fashion is the folding screen.

Folding screens were featured in many old black and white movies. The actresses would coyly go behind them to change, draping the garments over the top of the screen as they did so. Now they are used for many purposes other than changing.

People, who live in studio or loft type apartments, use them to separate areas, such as bedrooms and kitchens. Others use them the same way the old actresses did, as a screen to change behind. They can be used to block your neighbors view into your window or offer shade from the sun. They can also be used to create airs of intimacy by placing them behind a sofa to block off a living area by the fireplace. They can be used to create hallways or even whole rooms. They are so versatile that there is no end to their applications.

Homeowners often purchase them for their sheer beauty. They come in many different types and colors that will suit even the most discriminating tastes. The Asian themed screens have beautiful dragon and floral designs. Other designs include butterflies or peaceful mountain settings. If you prefer solid colors, you can find them in just about any color that you wish. With the right tools, and a little imagination, you can design and create your own.
They are made from different materials as well. You can get screens made from fragile rice paper or sturdy wood, such as cherry, oak, mahogany or chestnut. Some are even made from canvas and have a slightly sheer look that allows provocative silhouettes of the people behind them to be seen.

They make wonderful additions to any room and can invoke both admiration and envy from your visitors.
Many folding screens are designed using modern looks, while others resemble antiques. You can still get antique folding screens, but they are very costly. Some of these screens date back to the 18th century and will not only add class and elegance to your home; they lend a rich sense of history as well.

Folding screens can be found in many places. Many discount stores carry them at affordable prices and they carry all different types of styles and colors. They are also offered in home furnishing stores at moderate prices. You can choose from two panel screens to 6 panel screens in a wide array of designs. If you're ready to spend a lot of money for one, you can visit an antique dealer.

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