The impact of the textile industry on the environment and the consumption of raw materials and natural resources are becoming prime concerns. Due to the German ban on synthetic dyes because of their carcinogenic, pollutative and non-biodegradable nature; the attention has shifted to the use of natural dyes.

Sanganer and Bagru blocks of Rajasthan state are famous worldwide for their textile prints. Initially both the centers prepared the textile prints using natural dyes. But due to the fast and cheap production, Sanganer prints are now mainly prepared with the use of synthetic dyes. On the contrary, Bagru is still known for its natural prints. These natural colours are considered as novel and aesthetic; and are available in soothing shades. These dyes are non-substantive in nature and require mordants to get fixed on the fabric. The Indian exporters have resorted to the use of natural dyes so that the products appeal to the environment conscious consumers.

This study aims at getting a comparative picture of the ecological impact of both the dyes at the above mentioned sites. The impact would be assessed on the basis of ecological parameters such as BOD, COD and pH.

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About the Authors:

The authors are associated with International College for Girls, Jaipur.