A Carbon Fiber is a fibrous carbon material having a micro graphite crystal structure made by fibrillation of Acrylic base goods, a known textile material, or from oil/coal arena following by treating with a certain heat treatment.

Carbon fibers, is the latest industrialized fibre under commercial production, mainly classified into PAN-based, pitch-based and rayon-based production process. Among them, PAN-based carbon fiber is in the largest production and best used in volume. In the early 1970s, commercial production of PAN-based and isotropic pitch-based carbon fibers was started in Japan. In the latter half of 1980s, anisotropic pitch-based carbon fiber manufacturers broke into the market. Japanese firm taking an innovative advantage of tireless technological improvement and business expansion, been keeping their position as largest producer of carbon fibre in terms of quality and quantity across the globe.

Utilization of carbon fibre by itself is not the convention. Generally, customers apply carbon fibers for various purposes like reinforcement and functionality of composite materials, made from resin, ceramic or metal as intercellular substance. Carbon fibers are extensively employed to a gravid mixture of applications with extreme mechanical characteristics (specific tensile enduringness, particular modulus) and other features due to carbon substance (eg. low density, low coefficient of thermo enlargement, resistance to heat, chemical resistance, self-lubricity, etc.).

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