Technology of Denim Production: Part V- Finishing of Grey Denim Fabric

Finishing of grey denim fabric normally carried out after weaving. It takes an important role in fabric properties, appearance, softness and residual fabric shrinkage. The finishing of denim fabric is carried out for several purposes. Finishing of denim fabric can be varied according to the specific requirement of customer. The finishing process may vary from harsh hand (loom state), soft hand (desizing) and sulphur over dyeing.

Another fashion trend of denim finishing is soft or washed down denim in place of stiff and harsh denim. To achieve the soft feel in finished denim fabric, the fabric is subject to a desizing and washing processes. The range normally consisting of a desize saturator, a steamer and several wash boxes. The processes, in most of the cases are tied with the brushing and singeing and other operations.

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The author is Manager (TQM) at Shri Lakshmi Cotsyn Limited, UPSIDC Industrial Area, Malwan, Dist. Fatehpur, UP

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