Internet Marketing-One of the Best Marketing Tools which Is Not Yet Utilized Up to the Potential


E-commerce stands for electronic commerce and pertains to trading in goods and services through the electronic medium, i.e. the Internet or phone. On the Internet, it pertains to a website, which sells products or services directly from the site using a shopping cart or shopping basket system and allows credit card payments.

E-Commerce in India Today:

Today E-commerce is a byword in Indian society and it has become an integral part of our daily life. There are websites providing any number of goods and services. Then there are those, which provide a specific product along with its allied services.

As per ITU (International Telecommunication union) statistics India has about 81,000,000 internet users which is about 100% greater then compared to 2007 in terms of users.

Growth in internet:

  1. Mobile internet: In these days almost all of the mobile handsets have the facility to access internet and growing competitions had come up with attractive schemes which makes mobile internet a wider reach.
  2. Social Media: According to comscore July 2010 more then 33 million users in India visits social media which includes social blogs, wikis, internet forums etc.

But even after these development and advancement in services we have to really think twice that are we utilizing internet as the media of business development? Answer is 'NO'.

In India Travel sector continues to remain the only e-commerce friendly sector in India. Comscore has published a report on the increase of visitations to travel sites in India which further establishes the fact that Indian consumer is indeed maturing to the e-commerce at least when it comes to booking travel tickets.

Advertisers in India still not utilized or exploited the true potential of India. There is no growth in terms of advertising spends per user during the decade.

Challenges in Implementing E-Commerce Portals in Retail Segments:

  1. Assumption that selling/buying in online Is not safer
  2. Fear of design duplications
  3. Traditional selling

Majority of retailers highlight these are some of the barriers which stops them implementing Ecommerce portals. But I feel that the above said baseless. Lets see one by one