Basicand prime purpose of clothing is protection fromexternal atmosphere. Maslow's hierarchy of needs are in the order of Physiological,Safety, Social, Esteem and Self actualization. Brands come in the third andfourth level of this hierarchy. Brands are generally associated with Society (senseof belonging and love) and Esteem (Self esteem, recognition and status). Customerlife style has also changed a lot during the past two decades. Moreover, withthe advent of ICT (Information and Communication Technology) combined withimproved financial status of consumers, brands once considered to be for allpeople. The old conception that brand are only for elite people is gone. Nowadaysthese brands are being used by entire spectrum of population. Thanks to the globalization,which made the things simple yet complex. Now, customers have plenty of brandsto choose from local, national and international brands. This presents achallenging task for each and every brand manager to create, sustain andimprove positive interactions and associations with customers.

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The author is associatedwith Department of Textile-Fashion Technology, Bannari Amman Institute ofTechnology, Sathyamangalam, India