The winch or beck dyeing machine is oldest form of piece dyeing machine. The construction is comparative simple and therefore economical to purchase and operate. It is suitable for practical all types of fabric, especially light weights, which can normally withstand creasing when in rope form as woolen and silk fabric, loosely woven cotton and synthetic fabrics, circular and warp knitted fabrics. This a dyeing machine for fabrics in rope forms with stationary liquor and moving material.

Features and Parameters:

  1. The machine operates at a maximum temperature 95-98°C
  2. The liquor ratio is generally quite high (1:20-1:40)
  3. This is a dyeing machine for fabrics in rope form with stationary liquor and moving material.
  4. In winch machines, a number (1-40) of endless ropes or loops of fabrics of equal length (about 50-100m) are loaded with much of their length immersed in folded form inside the dye bath.
  5. As for all forms of rope dyeing, the fabric must be fairly resistant to length ways creasing.
  6. A perforated separating compartment, positioned at a distance of 15-30 cm from its vertical side creates an inter space for heating and for adding reagents.
  7. Heating can be supplied by means of direct or indirect stem heating.
  8. The rope passes from the dye bath over two elevated reels. The first roller is free-running (jockey or fly roller) and the second is winch reel.
  9. The winch reel not only controls the rate of movement of the fabric rope, but also the configuration of the rope in the dye bath.
  10. The winch reel does not grip the fabric positively, but by the weight of the wet fabric and the friction between the reel and fabric.
  11. Now-a-days stainless reels with corrugated and broken surface for increase frictional forces are used.
  12. The maximum motion speed of the fabric must be approximately 40m/min.
  13. The winch dyeing method is suitable for all fabrics, expects those which tend to originate permanent creases or which could easily distort under the winch stretching action.

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The author is studying Textile Engineering from South East University, Dhaka, Bangladesh

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