Source: Tekstilna industrija

Abstract: The article is devoted to the problem statement of development of CAD software package of design processes of footwear production and development of technological and instructional cards in an automated mode.

Key words: footwear manufacture, technological processes, footwear production, technologist, instructional card, technological card.

1. Introduction

Design of technological processes of footwear manufacture is one of the main stages before production stage. This work is aimed at facilitating the use of standard technology of footwear production, which was developed in Russian Federation based on the experience of domestic and foreign light industry and new types of shoe machinery.

Traditionally, using standard technology of footwear production the documentation for new models was created manually. Based on a common list of production operations of suitable footwear form, a technologist selected, rearranged, comprised some operations if it is needed, keeping the whole process united.

It is obvious that at the present development of computer technologies it is possible to create a program that would minimize unproductive manual work of engineer. All known types of production technologies for various types of footwear will be contained in the database that would eliminate the work with paper and quickly receive detailed information about particular technology or made passports of working models.

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The author is associated with Moscow State University of Design and Technology, Russian Federation, Moscow.

Originally published in: Tekstilna industrija, September - 2010