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Denim has gained much popularity that if you look around, you will surely notice somebody wearing denim in your nearby. Now, more than just complementing a rugged style, the denim has become suitable for any occasion. Denim is being worn irrespective of demographic differences. The material denim is synonymous with familiar blue jeans and is denoted by a rugged twill textile that produces the familiar diagonal ribbing. Today, there are around twenty Denim manufacturers in India alone catering to the domestic and export markets. The manufacturing facilities are fast catching up at Bangladesh, Pakistan and Vietnam. Denim today is now available in various shades of blue, black and brown within each there are different effects generated by washing.


As Denim is a competitive market product, there will always be pressure on price and quality. One can gain upper hand in pricing if their manufacturing cost is low. One of the ways of reducing the manufacturing cost is reducing the raw material cost, reducing the production losses and reducing the second's generation.


Quality Assurance in Denim mill can thus significantly help in achieving the above objectives. Academically, Quality Assurance may be defined as "the planned and systematic activities implemented in a system for fulfilling the quality requirements of a product or service." The current paper highlights in brief various check points employed in Denim mill for arresting the non conformities so as to reduce the production losses and quality down gradations.

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Originally published in Textile Review, Nov-2010


The author is Head-QA, Textile Research & Application Development Centre, Bharuch.