Source: Tekstilna Industrija

Abstract: Care label recommendation of apparel involves various testing on washing, bleaching, drying, ironing and drycleaning by following standard procedure. Evaluation methods differ depending on whether the apparel is earmarked for United States or Europe. During determination of care label, there are certain options followed depending on the performance of the apparel. If a garment fails in normal washing, drycleaning needs to be followed. Sometimes, for specialty garments, additional care instructions are also advocated.

Key words: Care label, dimensional stability, tumble drying, drycleaning, spirality



During normal use apparel products become soiled and looks dirty over a period of time. One can not reject a garment due to this reason, which otherwise, could have proved to be uneconomical. Thus, for repetitive use refurbishing is necessary, but of course, not at the mercy of the aesthetic, tactile and fit properties. However, one should not take the liberty to clean the clothing as per his/her own perception. Rather, a set of guideline needs to be followed in the form of a care label attached with the garment depending upon the type of fibre, yarn quality, fabric construction and nature of finish. Recommendation of the care label in apparel is important which describes best practice to refurbish the product without adverse effects and warn against any part of the directions, which is expected to harm the product.

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Originally published in: Tekstilna Industrija, June-2010


The author is associated with Central Silk Technological Research Institute, Central Silk Board, Ministry of Textiles, Govt. of India, B.T.M. Layout, Madiwala, Bangalore.