The increased demand fabric cost to address the issue of sustainability creates the need for the incorporation of used fiber based materials in textiles. In this work, we have planned to implement a technique for enhancing the garment through used fabric. This research work starts with opening and segregating the used fibers. Later the fibers transformed to a woven and knitted fabric, by passing it through a sequence of operations. These disposed off after their intended use in an eco-friendly way. Implementing this innovative method reduces the production cost of garment.


Recycled fibres

'Recycled fibres' from a secondary cycle of processing. To obtain them, fabric-type or thread-type textile waste is mechanically broken down as far as the fibres. Conventionally, the waste is pre-treated by means of cutting or picking and then transported through a take-in unit, acting as a clamp, of a drum rotating at high speed. The textile structure is broken down by steel pins which are on the drum surface, together with the clamping effect mentioned above. Structures will take several passages through the drum to become single fibres.

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The authors are associated with Department of Fashion Technology, Angel College of Engineering and Technology, Tirupur.