Indian weaving industry provides huge employment, after agriculture this industry is largest provider of work force.

Current Scenario

Indian weaving industry employs huge amount approx. 12.5 million people of the Indian population still it considered as a failing industry. Although a large market for weaving products exists in the international and domestic it is experiencing wicked phase. The contribution to national GDP and in export revenue from this industry is also remarkable.

Total no. of weaving industries built up in India is appx. 38, 00,000, which again bifurcated as below:

North and Eastern part = 15, oo, ooo

Southern state of Andhra Pradesh = 3, 2o, 000

(Mainly in Chirala, Pedana, Polavaram, Mangalagiri, Pochamapali, Ponduru, Dharamvaram, Narayanpet, Puttapaka, Madhavaram, Emmiganur and Gadwal)

Both the weaving sectors of northern and southern India are engaged in the weaving production for the domestic market only.

Proportion of shuttleless looms in different countries