Here are jewelry ideas to help you look your best.

Why wear jewelry? In ancient times jewelry were used as good luck charm and protect the wearer from evil spirits. Nowadays, wearing the right jewelry gives you a touch of class and sensuality. Jewelry can transform you into a princess. A pair of long earrings underscores your lovely neck. A shining gem pendant seems to make your eyes sparkle .Best of all, you only need one or two pieces of jewelry to create the effect. You can use the design and position of jewelry to enhance your appearance or to draw attention away. Have you got some skin peeling off your forearm from sun tanning ? Avoid wearing bangles or bracelets and pick a stunning ring instead. A choker will also serve to focus attention towards your face. If you got ample bosom that men admire , why not wear a pendant that goes down all the way to your cleavage?

You can try different ideas such as wearing layers of necklaces of different lengths. You can wear multiple bracelets too. Or go for chunky jewelry. You can wear an oversized Cocktail ring to attract attention.

There's no need to buy expensive branded jewelry from Tiffany unless you are making an investment. Consider affordable jewelry like costume jewelry. Nowadays there are all kinds of materials used in jewelry from wood , plastic to natural stuff like bamboo and sea shells.

The rage these days is antique jewelry. Now here are some tips concerning wearing these jewelry. Wearing them with T-shirts and any other casual outfit won't match. Then another thing to note is don't match antique jewelry with costume jewelry.

What you wear also reflect your personality. Are you casual and hip or do you prefer a more sophisticated style? What you wear also depends on the occasion. Is it for work or is it for sports or dinner party?

Next, you need to consider the color of your jewelry. Now that depends whether you are a warm or cool person. Generally people are in the cool category because they have black hair and brown eyes. The jewelry in the cool group would be platinum, white gold , silver or other white metals. Warm jewelry includes brass, copper or yellow gold. One way to find out whether you are a warm or cool type is by taking a photo of yourself in warm and cool jewelry . The jewelry that glows and looks brighter on you will be the right one.

In the end , all this are just pointers, most importantly you must like what you are wearing. It's all for the fun and there's no need to wreck your brain.

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