Mr. Dhuria starts the presentation by sharing the World Textile Fibre consumption trends of Natural Fibre, Man-made Fibre and Man-made filament yarn, respectively where he gives an increasing count from 1990 to 2009. He also added that the World fibre consumption has shown secular growth trends over the years and also that Asia has emerged as a largest hub in terms of textile fibre processing.

Later, he also shared his views on the scope for future growth which lies in fundamental strengths of the Indian Textile Industry. He concluded with a strong remark that In the present time of uncertainty and volatility in the market the people as usual in the supply chain are asking each others views on the market and every time most of the people have failed in the their assessment during current year but again they are asking the same question: What is your view on the market?

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This presentation was presented at Dubai 2011: Open to the world held on March 15th & 16th 2011 at Dubai; organized by International Cotton Association

The author Mr. I J Dhuria is Corporate General Manager (Raw Materials), Vardhman Textiles Ltd.