1.0 Introduction

Lyocell fibre is a regenerated cellulose fibre made by dissolving pulp (bleached wood pulp). It was first manufactured in 1987 by Courtaulds Fibres, UK.

With the enhanced purchasing power and lifestyle of domestic consumers, a big business opportunity for these high-end-fibre fabrics can be visualised for the domestic (Indian) market. However, this opportunity has not been fully explored.

It is worth mentioning that chemical processing of lyocell is very critical and needs attention, due to the delicate yarn character, lower wet strength, fibrillation, high dye pick-up and residual shrinkage.

In the present study, chemical processing for lyocell fabrics was optimised on jigger.

Importance is given to setting up a chemical-processing technique for lyocell based fabrics in existing infrastructure and machinery available within the processing industry - in India in general, and in Surat in particular which at present is mainly focused on the processing of polyester varieties only. When lyocell fabrics were processed on jigger machine, the dimensional stability in terms of % residual shrinkage was 2.5 and 1.3, warp and weft-wise, respectively.

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The authors are associated with The Man Made Textiles Research Association, Surat, India


Authors acknowledge with thanks the management of MANTRA for giving permission to publish this paper.