Turkey has declared a list of antidumping duties against the import of textile and apparels into the country. While heated debates are occurring stating this is only to protect the domestic industry, and a controversial statement asserting this is a political ruse, what is the opinion of the foreign exporters, and domestic importers?

Textile sector is one of the major contributors of the Turkish economy with a 12.2% average annual growth. Investments in the sector is more than USD 150 billion of which, around 50 billion was invested during the last 5-10 years. With a view to protect its domestic textile industry from the flooding imports, Turkey has imposed import duties on fabrics imported into the country. China will have a major impact of the duty, followed by other Asian counter parts India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Vietnam, and Indonesia.

The Turkish Government received complaints from the domestic manufacturers that textile imports into the country are hurting the local industry. Following the investigations done, Turkey has planned to increase its import duties from July 21st onwards; this year. The Council Of Ministers proclaimed on March 24th about implementing safeguard duties on the import of specific fabrics, apparel, and other apparel related accessories.

Turkey pushes exporters in dire strait with import tariffs