With the expansion of western colonialism and development of foreign trades, Indian fashion has been continually improving to perfection. However, the forte of Indian fashion industry lies in its free-wheeling nature that incorporates anything exotic into integral Indian so much that it is not that easy to sport its origin. Nowadays, the Indian fashion industry is accelerated by mainly two aspects including customer choices and globalization of Indian economy.

The Emulation of Indian Fashion and the West

There are many reasons accounting western impact on the Indian apparel and costume industry. As a melting pot of multi ethnic groups, the open-minded culture coupled with cultural diversities of India embrace the whole world in tolerance posture. Each group has its own prominent style and type of dresses and costumes. Indian Fashion designers are known to interweave these diverse fashions and lend an amazing Indian touch to them.

In recent years, the awards of Indian beauty pageants on international platforms have been doing the nation proud. Their natural style of dressing has deeply affected the ladies fashion apparel industry in India. The dresses donned by these participants are a blend of Indian and western wear. Commoners openly ape their role models and this eventually becomes the latest fad in the general fashion wear industry in India.

Apart from the two aspects as mentioned above, Indian movies are also big influencing factor to leave a never vanishing impact on the minds of the Indians. As a matter of fact, it affects daily lives. People blindly emulate what their role models are wearing. And with movies following the western patterns of dressing it is natural for the ordinary folks to imitate them lock, barrel and stock.

The extensive scale of globalization and liberalization also pose great impact on the Indian fashion industry. Indian imports from the west have also made it easier for Indians to keep a track on the latest fashion clothes and accessories ruling the Western men and women's wear market. Apparently, Indian fashion industry is also appealing to western buyers. Needless to say, the fashion fraternity in India have willingly adopted western designs keeping in mind both the Indian and western sensibilities.

In addition, the Indian denizens embrace western fashion industry to such an extent that they like to adapt the social and cultural changes and western lifestyles as well.