American Indian jewelry is worn by men, women, and children all around the world. The jewelry is appealing for a number of reasons. There are not many jewelry pieces that can be considered elegant and mysterious at the same time. One of the many mysteries surrounding American Indian jewelry is the meaning behind each piece.

A large number of stones and other materials are used to make American Indian jewelry. The types of materials used all depend on the type of jewelry piece being made and the preference of the jewelry maker. A large number of necklaces, bracelets, earring, pendants, and rings have been made using amethyst, amber, turquoise, coral, opal, jasper, quartz, pearl, and more.

Almost all of the materials used to make American Indian jewelry have significance, in one way or another. This significance may only come from old wise tales or it may be a belief that still exists today. Below is a summary of three American Indian jewelry settings and the meanings behind each.


American Indian jewelry is made from a wide variety of different materials and stones, but turquoise is one of the most popular materials used. Turquoise received it name, not because it was developed in Turkey, but because it was transported through Turkey. In todays society, most of the turquoise comes from the Untied States and Mexico.

Ancient beliefs state that turquoise has powers that protect those who wear it. This protection is believed to be in the form of physical and emotional harm. It has been said that turquoise stones are powerful all on their own. However, many believe that the powers of turquoise can be greatly increased when combined with copper.


Amber, which is often used in American Indian jewelry, is not actually a stone. Despite the fact that it is not scientifically considered a stone, there are a large number of individuals who classify it as a gemstone.

Throughout the past and in different areas of the world, amber developed a wide variety of uses and meanings. It was said that amber cured a wide variety of medical illness including headaches, kidney troubles, and heart problems. In the Middle East, this stone was thought to symbolize the presence of the lord, keep ones body whole, and symbolize courage.


American Indian jewelry containing a beautiful purple setting most likely contains amethyst. Amethyst was once considered a valuable stone; however, the value has diminished over the years. Since a large supply of amethyst was discovered in Brazil, a large number of individuals are now able to afford beautiful pieces of American Indian jewelry with an amethyst setting.

In the past, an old wise tale stated that amethyst prevented individuals from becoming overly intoxicated. This wise tale stated that those who drank alcohol from a cup made of amethyst would not become drunk. Amethyst is most commonly known for the ability to provide spiritual insight and promote good behavior. It is believed that individuals wearing amethyst are more likely to be honest and keep a quiet and peaceful mind.

Many individuals purchase a piece of American Indian jewelry without even considering the meaning behind that piece. On the other hand, there are some individuals who shop for American Indian jewelry solely based on the significance of each setting. Whatever reason you choose to shop for, it is possible to purchase American Indian jewelry that may benefit you in more ways than one.

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