Since past there always had been an intricate connection between textile, clothing and jewellery. Jewellery gives a complete sense and adds beauty to whatever garments and accessories one is wearing. Whether it is costume jewellery or fine jewellery, it is the wearer's delight. Further it highlights their personality with the look that it adds to their ensemble.

Eco-Fashion Jewellery by the scrap textile material is a unique concept: and exhibits various jewellery categories- wrist accessories, ear ornaments, necklaces, etc.-and the numerous ways to make them better in terms of quality of design. So we can say that by joining the scrap we can make beautiful jewellery as well as we can save environment from threat.

Eco-Fashion Jewellery by Textile Scrap:

Today, the choice of materials or metals used by designers depends absolutely on the price factor. This idea revolves around mixing the inexpensive with the exotic, as it creates an interesting mix. Therefore, if a customer is looking for new and unique designs, an unusual combination of textile scrap materials could do the trick. Looking at affordable materials while designing jewellery, some alternatives could be used likewise large colored stone beads, enamel, wood or silver findings to form the base of textile scrap material. Basically, the choice of materials used for creating ornaments is usually theme-oriented. For instance, for a floral inspired collection, waste tissue fabric can be opted, with an exclusive golden colour; as it gives an original jewellery look.

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The author is HOD & Asstt. Professor at International College for Girls