Nature's bounty to mankind unfolds its finest and sensuous appearance in the form of silk. Silk Mark helps in protecting the genuine virtues of this elegant fabric.

Silk fabrics have always been appreciated for its smoothness, natural comfort, and elegant look. The trance of silk is such that, it has been, is, and will make an integral part of our life. Intermingled with Indian life and culture, this fabric serves as the source of livelihood for millions. India is the largest producer of silk, and also the largest consumer of silk in the world. The artistic nature of the weavers motivate them to go in for variety of silk fabrics, and their mastery lies in creating floral designs, novel patterns, and textures.

These irresistible fabrics are mostly produced by the rural poor, and are consumed by the urban rich. Thus silk fabrics serve a social cause of helping the poor. It is obvious that silk remains as the queen of textiles, retaining its glory for all times. But care has to be taken to distinguish the natural fabric from cheap imitations. Of late there are unscrupulous manufacturers and traders who use cheaper substitutes. The end users are deprived of the real value of silk despite paying the money. Silk mark helps to identify pure silk. It enables the consumers to identify genuine, pure and natural silk products, thus facilitating for a hassle-free shipping experience.

Silk Mark - the origin:

Silk Mark is a Society which assures quality for the silk made under their tags. Backed by the Central Silk Board, the society efficiently serves as an apex body for the development of silk and silk industry in India. Following a long deliberation with the Ministry of Textiles, and the Government of India, the Central Silk Board has introduced the 'Silk Mark Scheme'. It was launched in Bangalore by the Honorable Minister of Textiles on June 17th, 2004, in the presence of silk luminaries and industry leaders.

What is Silk Mark?

Silk Mark provides a quality assurance label on the silk products which indicates that the product is made only from pure silk. Thus it protects the interests of the end users of silk products, also benefiting the stake holders. This is a generic promotion scheme for silk. Only an authorized user of Silk Mark can use the label on their products. Giving an assurance of pure silk, the label protects and promotes silk.


Why Silk Mark?

Silk Mark ensures that all products sold under the label are 100% natural silk. Base fabrics are made only from pure silk with ornamental zari threads for extra warp and weft. Silk Mark is a quality assurance label aiming to protect the interest of consumers, traders and manufacturers of pure Silk. It aims at the generic promotion of silk by building brand equity of Indian Silk. Silk Mark aims at a cohesive campaign with all stakeholders in the Silk value chain to promote Silk

A high security hologram is affixed on a hand tag containing a unique serial number which is associated with its authorized user and period of use. A sew in label is also used for smaller items such as stoles, scarves, etc.

Silk is a precious fabric whose consumers are taken for ride by unscrupulous traders. Silk Mark gives a helping hand to them portraying the quality of the silk products. It also helps rural artisans to promote their products in the market.


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