Source: Tekstilna Industrija, June 2011


Article is devoted to the area research "visualization of the spatial form of a person's figure and clothes models" for the purpose of information bases development support of the parametrical module of 3D designing.

The foundation of process of visualization of models of clothes the difficult mathematical apparatus describing the initial form (dummy) and the final form (product) lies. The article presents the description of development cycles of an original parametrical method of the task of an internal surface of a skirt base design of the (dummy), based on use of the mathematical equations of part-smooth surfaces.

In article are resulted it is unique the developed formulas of parameters calculation of the difficult spatial form, the equations of these forms surfaces are described. Conclusions of all formulas and the equations were logical and are made on the basis of detailed researches of subject domain.


Modeling in 3D CAD is one of perspective directions of development of systems of the automated clothes designing. Introduction of three-dimensional technologies gives the chance to approach more creatively to process of designing of new clothes models. Designer works with spatial object he used to work with and has possibility to estimate and bring updating at a stage of creation of the sketch (three dimensional model of appearance).

Development of a parametrical construction method of spatial models of a person's figure and a product is an important and insufficiently explored problem which is necessary for solving by development of program's modules 3D CAD. In existing three-dimensional systems of clothes designing the dummy and product surface is set by a discrete dot skeleton. At such sizing of a surface in system each time is made recalculation of set coordinates of the points belonging to a surface that demands working out of difficult mathematical apparatus, and consequently attraction of great volume of system resources.

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Marianna Vladimirovna is associated with Department of Art modeling, designing and the production technology of garments, Moscow State University of Design and Technology, Moscow, Russia