The contamination is one of the major challenges faced by spinners in India even though it is a non-technical issue in nature and needs only awareness on day to day administration on the production floor. The contamination, even if it is a single foreign fiber, can lead to the down grading of yarn / fabric / garments or even the total rejection of an entire batch of finished goods and can cause un repairable harm to the relationship between inter departments or between industry and customers also to some extent. The seriousness of contamination is very much clear from the report of International Textile Manufacturers federation (ITMF) that claims that contamination has amounted between 1.4 to 3.2% of total sales of 100% cotton and cotton blended yarns. The earlier the stage of contamination, the more serious and expensive it is for the mills to remove contamination.

The contamination issue in PV dyed spinning is quite different from the grey cotton and grey PV mills. In this paper, you will find origin, nature, reasons and preventive measures of contamination control especially in PV fiber dyed spinning mills.

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The author is Senior Manager & HOD - Spinning PV, Raymond Ltd, Textile Division, Chhindwara, Madhya Pradesh.