The Blow room plays an important role in the opening, cleaning, homogeneous mixing and blending, optimum process parameters are required to minimize/control the fibre rupture and lower the nep generation. Material transportation to chute for sub sequent process is also carried out while blow room is in action. By keeping view of this concept in mind, a project work has been carried out in sequence of different machines in blow room like Varioclean, Flexiclean and the subsequent process carding, by conducting trials with different process parameters at each stage. The main object of this study is to achieve better sliver and yarn quality by implementing different settings at different machines cited above.


The blow room contributes only about 5 to 10% to production costs in the ring spinning mill. From a cost accounting point of view, the installation itself is not a relevant cost factor; however, the loss of raw material that arises here is a factor. Blow room machines must eliminate foreign matter, the blow room eliminates only about 50% of the incoming impurities, the history of the development of this section is rather surprising- opening and cleaning are carried out today with almost the same equipment as 150 years ago and more. In case of Blow room due to high beater speed higher the fiber ruptures, higher the cleaning efficiency, higher the NEP generation. Therefore Fiber rupture should be checked for each opening point. 2.5% span length should not drop by more than 3%. If the uniformity ratio drops by more than 3%, then it is considered that there is fiber rupture. High fan speed, which will result in high velocity of air, will increase neps in cotton NEP is increased in the blow room process.  The increase should not be more than 100%.

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The authors are associated with Centre for textile functions (CTF), NMIMS MPSTME Shirpur Campus, Shirpur, Dist- Dhule, Maharashtra.