In his presentation Mr. Sanghvi predicted what will be India's Scenario on Global Textile by 2020 where he says that India will be 3rd largest economy in the world next to China & U.S. there will be growth in retail segment. Africa offers big opportunity for Textile Sector. The domestic market is likely to be more demanding & competitive. Chinese market is likely to be more lucrative than U.S. / European markets as China will be net Textile Importer.

He also showed need where Indian organizations can open "Research & Development Centers" and Textile Institutes to focus on knowledge creation. The focus should be on front end marketing, brand development & distribution for domestic market. Lastly, he confidently added that the Financial Markets will be more developed in Asia region.

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This presentation was presented at World Textile Conference: Vision: Textiles 2020: Emerging New Opportunities Worldwide and Challenging Business Strategies held on May 06th & 07th 2011 at Mumbai; organized by The Textile Association, India.

The presenter Mr. Ashok Sanghvi is Managing Director of AXIOM Mgt.