Civilizationhas been one of the biggest revolutions made by mankind. Being civilized mainlypin points at the behavioural aspect. But then it is not just about manners andhow we handle ourselves in the society or community. It also indirectly pinpoints at how we present ourselves amidst the crowd. How we dress says a lotabout our personality to an extent and it is very important for us to be dressin a civilized manner. Dressing elegantly and appropriately is very importantin both man's as well as woman's lives. And if you want to look professional,independent, mature, handsome and elegant suits are the best kind of dress youcan find for yourselves.

There are two purposes for a man to wear suits. One is to look professional andhandsome at the same time. Two is to dress up warmly to suit the cold climate.However, over the years the latter has become much more of a lesser importanceas making of suits in fashion industry have also gone through an evolution andtoday you suits to fit almost any kind of climatic condition. You do have suitswhich can be worn for warmer climatic conditions.

Then again, you cannot wear literally any suit for any occasion. These daysthere are norms and codes maintained by the society when it comes to wearingsuits for certain specific occasions. Generally a suit consists of a shirt, adecent trouser, a waistcoat of the same colour of that of the suit, an overcoatwhich is similar to the trouser colour, a tie which can be of different coloursor designs, nice formal leather shoes. But then again when it comes to shirtsyou have different colours and styles. Mostly people tend to wear white formeetings and stuff. You have shirts with flaps along the button area which isusually worn during ballet recitals and certain other parties which demand afunky outfit. In terms of tie you have the regular one as well as the bow-tiewhich you can wear by knotting it around your shirt neck etc.

Tuxedos amidst all the varieties are the most famous among suits. They areusually work for casual parties, during weddings, official company parties andother meetings with clients etc. You also have black tie parties or white tieparties where wearing a black tie or the white tie is a must as a dress coderespectively. If you don't you usually are not allowed inside.

When it comes to materials you have linen, silk, wool, polyester, cotton.Mostly people wear silk for certain parties to look jazzy. Linen and cotton areusually worn for work during summers. Wool and polyester suits for winters.Polyester has a flexible characteristic by which it supports wrinkle freeeffect. You have several colours of suits as well. All you need to do is pickthe colours that suits you better and make you look good. And then you alsohave to pick suits based upon the dress codes maintained in the society. Allthe details you'll ever need are available online for your information.



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