Retail industry has evolved from selling a product to creating an experience. Along with fast paced growth and modernization, retail formats have gone through considerable evolution, in which lighting plays a crucial role in creating an overall in-store effect, and providing a pleasant shopping experience.

When customers enter a store, the immediate impression they get decides the duration of their shopping time in that store. Retailers today are keeping a close track of their customers' expectations, demands, likes and dislikes. Their shopfits, and in store arrangements are revised in tune with customer preferences. New retail concepts now emerge from actual customer interface. Lighting helps in creating an image for the store, grab the customer's attention, and make the products visible, highlighted, and attractive. Appropriate choice of lighting arrangements can be a crucial factor for enhancing retail sales.



















Types of Lighting:

Ambient Lighting: This method uses light fixtures and distributes light widely. The customer will be able to view and examine the merchandise in a right way.

Accent Lighting: This lighting is used to provide an accentuated pattern to relate the objects with their surroundings. It highlights specific products, or shape through contrast lighting, texture or color methods. This type of lighting reinforces design aesthetics, and creates a dramatic emphasis with a focused light source. It makes