Textiles are developing into interdisciplinary high tech products with interesting changes. It has become an integral part of everyones life as it is associated with us round the clock. These are used to envelop human body, thus protecting it from dust, sunlight, wind and other foreign matter present in the environment. In the past textiles were considered primarily for economical and functional point of view. But now some end users and in particular demands on the safety of textiles for the health. The odour development resulting from biological growth on textiles exposed to perspiration had not been considered a real need until relatively recently. To overcome this problem nowadays antiperspirants are used. But antiperspirant shrink sweat glands and block pores causing toxins that are normally eliminated by perspiring .Therefore to control sweating and also to avoid the use of antiperspirants, herbal antimicrobial finishes have been used onto the fabric. Hence an attempt has been made to study the effect of Herbal Antimicrobial Finish on Cotton Fabric with the following objectives:

     *    Explore the natural herbal sources for antibacterial finish and optimization

     *    Carry out antibacterial test

      *     Evaluate the treated fabrics for their performance qualities, colour fastness, wettability
             and absorbency.

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This article was originally presented in ATNT 2007 held on 18-20, June 2007 at Kumaraguru College of Technology, Coimbatore; India. The authors are Dr.G.Bagyalakshmi is Lecturer and Ms. Kokilavani is Post Graduate student in Department of Textiles and Clothing at Avinashilingam University for Women, Coimbatore