Designer shoes are an essential part of every woman's wardrobe, everybody knows that. Without a pair, outfits just dont work to the full effect and it is virtually impossible to get the right impression or image across. If there's one thing worse than not having designer shoes though, it's having an out of date pair-that marks you out as a fashion has been, somebody who the latest trends have just passed by. So, with that thought in mind, what should we be looking for next year, and what are the designers themselves basing their ideas on?

One of the major influences that set to appear next year is bright and bold colours. The patterns are pretty much what youd expect with big colours, with sharp lines vying with swirling patterns in the popularity stakes. There may even be some designers breaking away from the pack, and choosing to go for some more whimsical patterns such as animal prints, although they are still likely to have the bright colours. Whichever pattern you prefer, the heels are likely to be much taller than they have been recently, further accentuating the pattern of the shoe. It all looks set to be combined to produce a shoe that attracts attention in its own right, rather than being just an accessory to an outfit.

If the idea of those is too much for you, then a likely alternative will be the tribal print designs. Rich patterns will be combined with simple shapes to produce the best effect, breaking up the outline of the shoe and making it look a little bohemian. Colours will be kept neutral and understated, providing a real alternative to the loud, brash styles that will also be available and giving you something that is equally suited to the office as it is to an evening out.

The patterns aren't going to be limited to African influences, either, as many people will have assumed-inspiration has been drawn from other areas such as Mexico and Asia, giving an alternative twist to the traditional options. Remember, though, that with this design texture and layering is important. Tall wood heels look particularly good, and there's nothing to stop you adding in wood or metal accessories to accentuate the tribal look. If you arent too keen on showing too much of a pattern, then disguise it a little with a flowing dress that only reveals a small part of the pattern with each step.

Finally, many women aren't too keen on wearing heels or at least cant wear them all day. If you are in that category, then don't worry as kitten heels are set to come back giving you a more comfortable shoe that still looks the part. A pair of these, in sharp black or white tones, will set off any outfit while making sure that you look relaxed and comfortable as well as perfectly on-trend.

This article takes a look at the predicted shoe trends for next year, giving a few examples and setting out what customers can expect to see. It is written by Riley Brown, an expert fashion journalist with more than 10 years experience in the industry.

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