When the weather turns cool and crisp, it's time to get back to serious fashion. Fall is fashion at its best and the magazine pages inspire us to amp up our style.

Red is the breakout color this year and it's showing up not only in dresses and sweaters, but the surprise new must-have piece- red skinny leg jeans. Yes or no is a personal choice.

Basic black is back big-time. The LBD is everlasting because it makes us feel slim, sophisticated and confident. It's a no brainer.

Black and white is a season-less stunning classic. A wool houndstooth jacket or coat makes an eye-catching wardrobe add-on. The ubiquitous black skirt, white shirt ensemble is a sure thing when nothing else pleases.

Shades of terracotta, from pale blush to deep persimmon, have a fresh look this year. A chunky knit turtleneck in a baked terracotta shade is so flattering to everyone's skin tone. Added to the usual fall colors of mustard, brown and hunter green are the unexpected brights like yellow, purple and blue definitely mood elevators. Polka dots are a surprise pop of whimsy.

Putting on the glitz came way pre-holiday this year. There's sparkle and shimmer on anything and everything, even boots are awash with sequins. Stones and glitter adorn hats, gloves, tee shirts and sweatshirts to glam up the unexpected.

Lace is held over from this summer's positive reception. It's part of the whole feminine, glamorous mood of this season.

Animal prints, especially leopard is back every year it seems. The fashion gurus must want it to join the classics. Faux fur vests, shrug jackets, hats and scarves are cozy and warm. Python print is something new on the scene. It's not just for shoes and handbags. A python print dress in a soft fabric is a definite wardrobe add-on.

Leggings and jeggings have really caught on. Teamed with an over-size sweater or peasant blouse and a tall pair of boots, they are as comfortable as a sweat suit for lounging and/or a stylish outfit for a weekend brunch date.

Accessories can really make an outfit shine. Embellished cuff bracelets and intricate, statement necklace designs are works of art. Chocolate diamonds are another way to complete a fall/winter look. So accessorize, accessorize, accessorize!

Put away the sheer pastel summer makeup colors till next year. Winter-weight clothes call for more intense makeup. Exaggerated cat eyes dominate the fashion pages. For the right occasion on the right person, it's a definite "WOW". New gel-based eyeliners glide on like silk and stay put. Finish the look with charcoal metallic shadow winged up and out. Balance bright clothes with high intensity lips. Red lips are front and center. When time is of the essence, a swipe of black mascara and a swirl of a light bronzer will get you out the door lickity-split looking "done up" in record time!

Hair is ultra glam with long, glossy waves falling below the shoulders.

This fashion season is all about celebrating La Femme.

The author is makeup artist at madelinec4makeup.com

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