In this paper we report on the effect of axial angle of air inlets of air-nozzles on yarn hairiness reduction in Ring spinning. Simulation of airflow was carried out using Computational Fluid Dynamics Software (CFD) to compute drag forces acting on yarn and hairs. Nozzle-Ring yarns have lower hairs compared to control yarn in all hair-length groups. The drag forces play an important role in reducing yarn hairiness. It is observed that the angle of air inlets decides the direction of impinging of air on the hair and hairiness reduction.


The hairiness of yarns can be controlled by placing an air-nozzle at winding machine or at ring frame; the later is termed as 'Nozzle-Ring spinning'. Nozzle positioning, mechanism of hairiness reduction and effect of nozzle and process parameters on hairiness reduction are discussed in a series of papers. In this study we report on the role of axial angle of air inlets on airflow velocity and their effects on hairiness using results of airflow simulation and experiments.

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This article was originally presented in ATNT 2007 held on 18-20, June 2007 at Kumaraguru College of Technology, Coimbatore, India.