Science and technology rules the modern world. Man makes use of complex mechanisms in order to complete any task allotted to him, satisfactorily and fast. Software applications are used in almost all the sectors. Fashion, textile, and apparel are no exception! It has completely changed the face of the fashion industry.

Software applications have completely mechanized the face of the fashion and textile industry. It has made a lot of tasks easy and fast. Fashion professionals do not need to put in hours of labor. They only need to have an idea and appropriate software applications will do the work on their behalf. The need for human beings has reduced considerably owing to these applications in the industry.

Right from the purchase of raw materials to the sale of finished goods, everything can be documented by software programs. All the expenses incurred in the production process, the use of raw materials at any specific stage of production, or the details relating to the sale of finished clothes, everything can be systematically documented. Designers can avail help in the cutting and stitching of clothes, style and pattern determination, etc.

The latest technology in use in the fashion industry in modern times is the 3D technology. It lets designers to view a garment and whether it looks good on an individual or not, even before the garment is prepared. A software application using 3D technology can perform almost all the functions related to this exercise.

3D technology helps in the graphical representation of geometric data. Unlike 2D, it makes use of length, breadth, and height, as well which makes the image look more real. Designers can design the outfit in the 3D software and during the entire process of designing, they can check if the design is perfect on 3D mannequins.

Today, a number of fashion software manufacturing companies integrate 3D technology to their applications. Toray, OptiTex, X-box, [TC]2, Lectra, YXendis, etc. are the widely recognized names in this industry. They manufacture exclusive 3D software applications for the textile and apparel industry. They are the companies to rely upon when in need.

If compared to the other industries, fashion and garment industry remained largely manual as till now. The techniques used in the production of garments and fabrics were largely the same as used almost 150 years ago. But software applications are easily accepted in any company. 3D body scanners are especially in a lot of demand in the modern apparel manufacturing companies.

"I believe there will be in the near future a strong increment of demand of 3D body scan data and therefore an increased need of 3D body scanners," states Nicola D' Apuzzo, Principal, Hometrica Consulting, Switzerland.


The main functions of software integrated with this technology is body scanning, body modeling, designing virtual garments, and fitting it on virtual models to check how it will look on a human being even before the actual garment is made. The software can also make suggestions in terms of customizing the apparel. It can display the customized suggestions on models for a better idea.

A lot of time, energy, and money can be saved if 3D software is utilized in the fashion and apparel industry. Customers can discuss minutest of details like color, fit, style, etc. of the garment as they are superimposed on the model at the time. The 3D model will look like an identical twin of the person scanned by the application wearing the intended outfit. Any changes that may need to be done in the future can be made then and there!

This technology is not only restricted to apparel and fashion industry. 3D software applications can also be used in the field of medicine, research, engineering, etc. It is generally used to create a virtual image that looks extremely real. The ready to wear clothes available in the market are a resultant of this technology in major parts.

The person intending to wear a particular garment can actually see their virtual twin trying on the planned garment. It is wrapped around the body of the model and the required changes are made to the garment on the spot. The so-made garment is then sent to be actually prepared. It will fit the subject exactly and also suit them as it is made after keeping all the points in mind.

As every coin has two sides to it, so does 3D software programs. This is a comparatively new technology and less in use. It is expensive and one may have troubles trying to find professionals who are able to operate it. It has not yet fully evolved to accomplish tasks that it is capable of. A considerable chunk of population in many countries is still unaware of the existence of this technology.

But overall, it can be said that the demand for 3D software is increasing in apparel manufacture. Its use is mainly to create virtual images, at present. CAD software makes the most use of this technology. It has helped in reducing the number of mistakes and errors done in the entire process of manufacturing in the fashion industry. No wonder, its demand is increasing in the market.



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