Quality of product plays an important role in any industry. If a consumer does not like the quality of the product then the chances of sales become very less. Today, clothes play a very important role in the society. They help in creating an impression and define the human being in some aspects. Therefore it is very important to see to it that garments are made of high quality. In textile and Apparel Industry, sewing is one of the major processes in apparel production. It plays an important role in maintaining the quality of clothes. Hence it is important that all defects have to be avoided during sewing any apparel. In this paper, various faults or defects that can take place during sewing along with different remedies or methods to solve these defects are discussed.

Sewing Faults

Mainly there are three types:

1) Defects due to problem of stitch formation.

2) Defects due to fabric distortion.

3) Defects due to fabric damage along seam line.

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