The 'Global market review of lingerie and intimate apparel - forecasts to 2017 predicts that the lingerie market at retail prices will be worth $29.23billion in 2012, and it will rise to $30.55billion over the next five years. From the entry of large international brands in India and available choices of Indian women, it is evident that the Indian Lingerie industry is witnessing robust growth. The key factors driving Indian lingerie market is the increasing size of the organized retail, changing lifestyle, growing consumer class, growing urbanization, and increasing per capita disposable income. The biggest retailed lingerie item is the bra. Innovative bras are able to be created due to changes in technology and the variety of fabrics now available to designers, such as laser cut seamless bras and molded t-shirt bras. The vast majority of bras on the market now are under wired. Know-how about wires and its manufacturing methods are little known to all. Majority of bras on the market now are underwired. Know-how about wires and its manufacturing methods are little known to all.


An under wire bra is brassiere that utilizes a semi-circular, thin strip of rigid material fitted inside the brassiere fabric. A semi-circular "underwire", "bra wire", or "wire" is embedded in the wire channel that circles the bottom and sides of each cup. One end of the underwire is close to the armhole while the other end, or head element, is close to the front and center of the bra.

Wire Materials


The under wires are made of metal or molded plastic. Plastic underwire has a very small share of the market because it does not provide the same support and rigidity offered by metal underwire.A metallic underwire is a thin strip of metal, usually with a nylon coating at both ends. About 70 percent of women use under wires made of steel. Nylon coated galvanized steel under wires are more popular in the market.

It is known to provide under wires with tips at the ends thereof to prevent the underwire from poking through the fabrication of the brassieres and injuring the wearer. Color-coded powder tips are made for easy identification of sizes in the sewing floor and handling during manufacturing.