This article provides information on freight software that can assist logistics and entire supply chain management to obtain optimum utilization of resources in logistics. Freight forwardaring forms an important part of the supply chain management.

The concept of freight software came to focus in 1960's, when mainframe computers were used all across and was pretty affordable. The freight industry created the Electronic Data Interchange popularly known as EDI during that time period. Mostly run on the company mainframes, the early custom built freight software were used by shippers and large carriers. It was only after the introduction of IBM personal computer launched in 1980 that freight software for small or medium companies began to materialize. It plays a significant role in managing various shipping operations of a broker, shipper and carrier.

Small and large logistics companies today use modern freight software that has been standardized keeping account of the needs and demands of customers and companies. It offers improved client satisfaction and improved logistics performance. The freight software is efficient in freight management, which involves optimization of transportation and freights in a strategic manner. Freight management includes record maintenance, process monitoring, cost control and inventory management.

The freight management software additionally has tracking feature as well as event and triggered notifications and alerts. These help in managing the complex process efficiently and in streamlining workflow. It provides a homogenized solution to 3PL and other freight forwarding companies. It efficiently meets customers queries and demands and is available at cost effective rates. Freight management software with document customization and options remains the preferred choice for freight forwarding business. The freight management software facilitates in smooth logistics operations like freight management, transportation, supply chain, warehousing, documentation, distribution etc.

The supply chain software helps logistic companies in managing even their toughest business challenges. All activities pertaining to their operations can be maintained and updated with this new-age solutions. It provides options for planning and strategy for procurement order or return management. It meets various supply chain issues with its advanced methodology.

Globalization of trade and logistics services has resulted in complex documentation problems. Right from statutory documentation and accounts to inventory and operational records to clients reporting, the supply chain software handles everything. It acts as a comprehensive solution for well-organized logistic operations and helps in increasing overall efficiency. However, before embarking on implementing the software, it is wise to attain detailed information about its features and ensure that it provides unmatched performance for your logistic business.

The availability of software for logistics sector in market is undeniable. The web based enterprise application is integrated software offering complete solution for:

  • Container management

  • Purchase order management

  • Freight forwarding

  • Customer Relationship Management

  • Billing

  • Financial Accounting

  • Transportation

  • Warehousing

  • Customs broking

  • Supply chain integration and more

Logistics management is strategizing, planning, organizing and executing various operations for transportation and delivery of shipments at the desired venue within a specified time frame. With latest advancements in the software for the logistic industry, companies have fruitfully enhanced their overall logistics operations and performances for offering optimum benefit to their customers.

The software offers quick access to information by integrating operations across locations, streamlines documentation, controlling revenues and regulating expenses. The software is a feature packed logistic management software that provides complete management of sea and air freight forwarding operations. The software is a one stop logistics solutions providing Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) with agents, customers, ports, carriers, custom gateways in different countries and other entities.

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