In India, Textiles is a part of our ancient heritage and traditions. It is also an integral part of our social and cultural milieu. In India, the roots of Textile industry in general & Colouration industry, in particular are buried deep in history, going back several centuries. Time to time, the industry has added its strength by incorporating modernisation, skillful human resources meeting the changing market challenges, machines and product ranges. Presently, with its intrinsic strength and with the aid of several promoting factors, the Indian Textile industry has been able to make its mark on the global scenario, penetrating the market both in terms of range of products and countries.

Intensified by the lifestyle changes in the last decade, worldwide demand for knitted goods has taken giant strides. Due to export encouraging policies of the Government, as well as continuous efforts of various professional bodies, the processors of cotton knits are well prepared to compete globally. With the growth of the branded casual wear in the domestic market and increased orders for cotton knits from overseas buyers, the scenario of cotton knit processing in India has changed. From winch dyeing & hank dyeing units, catering to the lower end of domestic markets, most of the units have metamorphosed into modern dyeing units, using the latest machinery, dyestuffs & chemicals from reputed suppliers. The increased use of knitted fabrics for different classes of outerwear has placed higher demand on the quality as well as appearance of the fabrics, so as to meet the ever changing fashion trends.

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