Bidding for goods on sites such as Ebay has become a favorite pastime for many people. Thousands of Americans surf the net each day in search of a bargain. They know that if they search long enough, and are precise enough in the terms that they use, then they will find cheap merchandise. Whether that merchandise is cheaper online than elsewhere is dependent on a number of factors.

So youve had a good look round and it looks workable to you-its time to wet your feet and start bidding on Ebay or some other online sites. First of all there are a number of factors you should consider. It is up to you to estimate how much you can afford to bid on a particular item-this can be problematic when you are starting out because you have no idea on how high your bidding should actually go. The way round this problem is to have a look at past auction results to see how high you may have to bid in order to obtain the item. What may look incredibly cheap and reasonable at the outset could prove an expensive move-so check it out before you decide to place your bid.

Can you get items cheaper on Ebay than anywhere else? Well, that depends. As with any kind of shopping that you do; you have to research your market first if you want to get the best price. Search online stores and other auction sites; have this information ready at your fingertips before searching Ebay and making your bid. When dealing with online auction sites make yourself as aware of the item as you possibly can before making a bid. Read the product description, examine the photo if there is one and consider any issues noted about the condition before you make your bid. If youre not sure whether any damage is repairable then it might be worthwhile contacting the seller and asking before placing a bid. Email the seller if you think there might be something amiss with the article, or if you feel that the description and photograph are not very clear. There maybe something that the seller has overlooked and it never hurts to ask before risking your dollars. Sellers may not always know the true value of an item they are selling, this is where you have a chance to act the detective. You never know this could net you a really excellent bargain-at the very least it might prevent you bidding on an item that is not worth the money.

Finally, and most importantly check out the sellers profile and reputation. A seller may be offering something that looks like an incredible bargain-but if there is no information on who they are, or their reputation is less than credible you could end up losing a lot of money. See if there is any feedback on this seller, and whether they are making some outlandish demands even before the bids go up. Bottom line is, if youre really careful, do your homework well, and bid wisely-then you could find that buying merchandise at online auction sites is worthwhile.

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