The growth means growth w.r.t. economical growth, prospect by which a Nation can be benefited. Similarly, the growth in Textile Industries means that there should be growth in GDP, Export, more revenue earnings, more job potentialities, and more expansion which over all benefits the Nation.

Indian Textile Industries are now zooming for last decades and facing challenges with world economy and that of in export Market. This Industry means just not cotton or linen, but it includes Jute, Silk and several natural fibers where growth is found every where. It has got equal high quality and competition in the field of Polyester segments also. The growth in this Manmade Fiber industry i.e. Polyester filament and staple yarn is tremendous high. But the high growth with quality is found not at per with China.

As on today, our GDP is 4%, with 14% contribution to industrial production, 17% contribution to export earnings. Textile Industries in India, is the 2nd largest employers after Agriculture. It gives jobs to the weaker sections too. India is having largest loom age including handlooms which is 61% as on today (source- ministry of textiles).

But in spite of such positive environment , Indian Textile Market is lagging behind China especially in two major aspects i.e. cost of Production and that of Export .It is a fact that any growth or downfall depends by & large on the policy matters/ decisions of the concerned Governing bodies.

This subject has elaborated the facts and compared both the populated countries with their pros & cons.

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About Authors

Mr. Bibekananda Basu is the coordinator at the Power loom Service Centre, Sasmira, Bhiwandi.

Co-Authors, Ms. Nupur Tharewal and Manisha Kathwate are 3rd year students of Textile in Anuradha engineering College, Chikhli.