The textile industry has an enormous growth in value added products by means of innovative technologies. In the finishing process, one of the important concepts is the surface modification of the fabric. The surface modification of the fabric is done by plasma treatment, enzymes, nano finish etc. In this row, one more technique is the microwave radiation of fabric to modify its properties. The research works were carried out in wool and polyester with this microwave radiation technique. After the treatment, these fabrics shows improvement in properties such as dye ability, exhaustion, colour fastness, wash fastness, colour yield of dyeing, fixation, breaking strength, orientation angle. This micro wave radiation is also used in e-control of processing. This microwave radiation is an economic and eco friendly process as compared to the regular chemical finishing process. Lots of research works are in progress to apply this process for a wide range of fabrics.

In this project, first the cotton and rayon fabrics will be purchased with the normal specifications of the regular usage fabric. The microwave treatment will be given to the fabrics with different power levels and different time duration of the process. Then the treated and untreated samples will be tested for the comparison of its properties. After testing, the results will be consolidated to analyse and conclude the optimum power level of treatment and process duration in which the cotton and rayon sample performs better. Here in this paper, the final results will give the optimum process parameters of micro wave treatment and the details of the properties that are improved in the samples.

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