Brazil, the land with a green and yellow flag, is also a fast developing economy. It is the largest country in South America. The 'Latino land' has a rich culture to boast about and a varied climate. Rio de Janeiro is one of the biggest tourist destinations in Brazil and home to some of the most exotic beaches of the world.

Apart from being a major tourist hub, Brazil is also one of the emerging fashion capitals of the world. The localities are pretty demanding when it comes to fashion and clothing. They enjoy shopping for clothes! Surveys indicate that 79 percent of Brazilians look forward to purchasing clothes and accessories.

Brazilian women are termed sexiest in the world by many. They never shy away from exposing their body. Wearing make up is a must on the streets of Brazil. They are never conservative in the way they dress. This is evident from the Carnival of Brazil, wherein half naked women can be spotted dancing on the tunes of Samba.

But, the most popular item in Brazil is not the Christ's statue of Rio or the carnival! It is the Brazilian bikini. Beaches and bikini clad women are the biggest tourist attraction in the country. Brazil saw 5.4 million tourists in the year 2011. Tourists love to shop for Brazilian bikinis in local retail shops.

Women from all over the world come to Brazil to shop for bikinis. They find it at a cheaper rate in this country than in any other country of the world. It is easy to find shops in the country that sell bikinis of any size and design. Celebrities and models generally prefer to wear them over all others.

Irina Shayk in an interview to says, "I love a small Brazilian bikini, that's why people think I am from Brazil. I love to have a small tan line and Brazilian bikinis are perfect for it. I have a huge collection of bikinis at home, many of them come from Sports Illustrated that I have done for six years already." (Source:

The number of bikini manufacturers in Brazil has grown immensely. This is because the apparel has attained world wide fame. Foreign tourists make it a point to slip at least one pair into their shopping bags before leaving the country. Bikinis having a larger waistline are also available. This is to please the real sized women over the skinny, larger than life models.

These swim wears have very little clothing at the back. Opinion about Brazilian bikinis varies from individual to individual. Some may find it too exposing and may even find it uncomfortable to wear, while there are many others who find it sexy and appealing. Having them in the wardrobe is a status symbol in itself!

Though a bikini can only have limited styles and cuts, Brazilians offer a comparatively more variety. One can find bikinis of full pucker and half pucker. Full pucker bikinis are the ones that have two straps at both the sides. They cover the front portion of the body slightly. Half puckers are like full puckers but they also cover the back portion to give a curvy look to the butt.

Micro bikinis and thongs can also be availed from shops. They cover the body very little and those looking forward to flaunt their figure normally opt for this type. Boy short bikinis can be purchased if one is not comfortable with the other tiny pieces of clothing. This type has the bottom in the shape of a pair of shorts.

Surveys indicate that there are almost 700 swimwear producing firms in Brazil that manufacture round about 250 million pieces of swimwear every year. Top Brazilian models like Giselle Bundchen and Adriana Lima promoted Brazilian bikinis all over the world. They also began to be exported as their demand grew in other countries.

Brazilian bikinis have come to be recognized all over the world. Various fashion designers and swimwear manufacturers visit Brazil in order to take inspiration for their collection. They make sure that they have one or two in their shopping bags. Their cuts and fittings are appreciated in many countries of the world.

In fact, the native swimwear manufacturers of USA are losing out their businesses because Americans prefer imported Brazilian bikinis over them. The Brazilian swimwear export was almost worth $24.9 million in the year 2005. It has increased manifold. Shoppers get a better deal on the same product inside the country.

Brazilian tourism promotes bikinis to their tourists as a must-shop product. It brings revenue to the country. Tourists do not hesitate from purchasing them owing to the value they carry in the international market. As for the domestic market, Brazilians prefer domestic brands in comparison to international brands. It is likely to continue seeing success for many more years to come.



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