In present scenario protection of Mother Earth from various hazardous materials, excessive exploitation of resources and non-responsible human activities has become a major concern worldwide. Sustainable practices in every human activity have become important and fashion is not less affected by this movement. Exploitation of resources for ever changing trends in fashion are immense and coping up with such demand will put enormous pressure on the environment. In such a situation, slowing down the pace of rapidly changing fashion scenario is quite relevant.

The Slow Fashion movement is a unified representation of the "sustainable", "eco", "green", and "ethical" fashion movements that is gaining momentum. The pace of fashion cycle can be reduced to a certain extent by exploiting available materials to its ultimate usage, thereby limiting the further production. This will reduce environmental hazards in a considerable way. In this regard, a different approach can be adopted in design thinking. Incorporating emotional component to the product will add enormous value in the mind of the user thereby slowing the fashion by using it for longer time. Fashion professionals have to play major role to inculcate the concept of slow fashion with responsibility in their product line.

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