If the machinery used is at par with the prescribed norms, the cotton fiber suffers no mechanical damage in the blow-room stage. The card is the heart of spinning mill demonstrates the immense significance of carding in the spinning operation. It has been established that the neps removal efficiency of card I considerably influenced by the condition of card clothing.

Cotton is the king of textile fiber the warmth, comfort and feel offered by cotton can not be matched by any of the synthetic fiber. Among the characteristic of cotton fiber Length, Strength, Micronair and elongation is of utmost importance to the spinner. Fiber length has excellent correlation with yarn breaking extension and correlation with yarn evenness, imperfection and hairiness.

Raw cotton fiber, irrespective of quality, contains impurities. The blow-room which is the first stage of cotton processing, performs the important functions of opening and cleaning. It is a common perception in the industry that cotton fiber can be damaged or broken during the blow-room processing. Proportion of short fibers is increases by over 10 %if the blow-room line contains one more cleaning machine than necessary. The fiber length degradation resulting from breakage during lint cleaning is less severe in cotton greater individual fiber strength (fiber tenacity (g/tex x fiber fineness).The potential of cotton fiber to form neps during lint cleaning is inversely related to maturity and directly related to non lint content.

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This article is originally published in the "Textile Review", June, 2012.