Can a slogan on a T shirt bring glory to a brand?

Like jeans, T shirt has also become a fashion item. Trends in T shirt, like any fashion style; keeps changing. Latest hot trend is slogan T shirts. A smart way of promotion for brands is through slogans on T shirts. It is one stylish way to tell the world what the wearer cares about. Wearing one, customers feel like branding themselves.

Slogans are short and catchy sentences used on T shirts, caps, buttons etc to advertise and accentuate a business product. Slogans are subliminal, and work on different levels. A catchy slogan helps in promoting the brand, and marketing a particular product. Apart from this, slogans are also used for social purposes; charity, team spirit and promoting a company logo.

T shirts are a timeless trend in the world of fashion. Be it an ultramodern dialogue creating hot debates, or a vintage rocker from the 70s, T shirts retain its name and fame. A widespread pop cultured phenomenon, the journey of slogan T shirts started during the 60s when Mr Freedom, a shop on the London Kings Road initially sold slogan T shirts. Designs included Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse with message. Later during the 70s T shirts featured a swastika and an inverted crucifix with the word 'Destroy This was sold under the name, 'the ultimate punk-rock T shirt During the 80s it reached a saturation point. T shirts designed by Hamnett with the slogan 'Number One', and 'Choose Life' were copied all over the world. Reincarnation of slogans on T shirts happened during 2006, when the trend was seen in cat walks.

Slogan T shirts have ever since captured attention for around three decades and are now making a comeback in the fashion sector. Slogans are printed on excellent quality, heavyweight T shirts using the highest quality of vinyl and screen printing methods adding superiority to the class. Today, T shirts have become like message boards, and are updated just like the Facebook status. The trend is revolutionary and market for such T shirt is expanding enormously in the recent times.