Every company is dependent on some type of asset that keeps the business running be it any ancillary equipment or machine. In major enterprises, reducing costs related to asset maintenance, repair and ultimate replacement is at the top of management concerns. Downtime in any manufacturing system ultimately results not only in high repair costs, but in customer dissatisfaction and lower potential sales. This paper presents a method for creating a real-time Condition-based Maintenance (CBM) solution in response to these concerns. It provides valuable guidelines for planning an enterprise system that monitors critical maintenance processes and assets.

What is CBM?

The maintenance technique under taken for quantitative measurement of deterioration of equipment due to wear, tear, corrosion, erosion or any other defect is called condition based maintenance. Since the technique involves prediction of failure, its also called as predictive maintenance.

Maintaining textile processes and systems has evolved dramatically over the years. In the early years, maintenance of textile machines consisted of reacting to mechanical breakdowns. With progress in technology, maintenance workers strove to time-based Preventive Maintenance Work orders. Gradually, the solution evolved from a time-based to a condition-based one.

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About the Authors:

Ashish Hulle, Govind Salunkhe and Kapil Chavan are associated with the D.K.T.E.S Textile and Engineering Institute, Ichalkaranji-416115